Minor Services

A vehicle can break down for smallest of reasons. Minor Services comes in handy for the over maintenance of the vehicle. Minor Services include the below:

  • Full Synthetic Engine oil,
  • Semi Synthetic Engine oil,
  • Premium Oil Filter,
  • Battery check,
  • Lights check,
  • Top-up Fluids,
  • Safety checks,
  • Suspension check,
  • Brake checks,
  • Computerised Vehicle electronics scanning,
  • Resetting Service Intervals,
  • Reset Tyres pressure.

Minor car services are fast and are typically quick to conduct. They ensure a very smooth, extremely safe and efficient ride. It usually takes an hour or two to conduct a minor service on a car. In addition to a few minor tasks and inspections, the minor car services generally only include changing of both oil and oil filters.

They are very different from the major car services which are costlier and require a comprehensive procedure needing more time. Extensive mechanical repairs are often important when the time arises. In such situations, expert brake services are the way to go.

Difference between Major and Minor Services:

Both the major and minor car services differ greatly based on vehicle’s make and model. It is extremely important to regularly schedule minor servicing and not understate it’s need. For maintaining the consistently safe and optimal functioning of a vehicle minor services plays an integral part.

It is inconvenient to regularly service your car, especially if you cover a lot of kilometres. But doing it right and in a timely manner can extend the life of your engine, reduce fuel consumption, increase the safety of your vehicle, prevent wear of moving parts, maintain road worthiness and improve resale value. It is quite worthwhile, you might say.


Servicing Frequencies:

Servicing frequency varies between different cars and manufacturers. The most reliable resource for your car’s regular service timing is its logbook. You can usually find it in the glove-box. As a rule most cars benefit from a service at least once a year, or after 10-15,000km since the last service, whichever comes first. The necessity here is an oil change, but it provides an opportunity for your mechanic to check other vital signs, as well as the condition of your tyres and brakes, which are critical for safety.

There are two main types of services, they are minor and major. The intervals between major services are longer than the intervals between the minor services. There are usually one or two minor services in between two major services. To ensure the longevity of the vehicle, this pattern should be continued even after the warranty period is expired.

What is included in a Minor Car Service?

A minor car service is a necessary part of maintaining your vehicle and keeping everyone safe. It costs less money and regular services are also a good way of picking up any problems early, before they end up costing a lot of money to fix at your auto service centre.

Only having the major car services and skipping the minor car services does not work. This is because by the time the major service is due, the car is already in trouble. This happens when you skip the minor services.

Book your car into Western Prestige Auto service center for regular services, we are always there to support. This is important not only for the life of your vehicle but also for your safety and the safety of your family.

The minor services includes the check listed below:

  • Engine oil is drained and replaced with new, clean oil which increases the efficiency of your vehicle when it runs.
  • Replacing the oil filter to ensure the smooth running of your engine.
  • All fluids including the clutch, transmission, power steering, brake and coolant fluids are flushed and changed.
  • Battery is tested to ensure that it holds its charge and is unlikely to need replacing before the next service.
  • A full safety inspection is provided to the vehicle, to identify anything that needs replacing or fixing, either now or soon.
  • Performing a drive test, to check everything which can endanger you, your family or anyone else on the road.
  • Checking of the air, fuel and pollen filters to avoid replacement.
  • Checking of the diff oil, transfer case and gear box oil.
  • Inspection of wiper blades to avoid replacement.

A minor car service covers a lot which helps to ensure that your vehicle is always safe. It also helps to prevent unexpected problems occurring out of the blue. This can cost you a lot of money if they are simply ignored and left too long before being repaired.

So, always make sure to book your car into your local auto service centre for regular services and avoid costly repair jobs in the future.

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